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Nerd Music Meltdown

Jun 29, 2021

Orlando's newest video game band is GG CAT. and they will be performing live on Ongaku Overdrive: The Whims of Fate. We have GG CAT's founder, guitarist, and controllerist Luis Guerrero on to talk about the band and how it came to be.

Plus, Luis talks about performing at the recent Orlando Fringe, the evolution of jazz in video game soundtracks, Castlevania, Overwatch, Persona, cat sounds, and what to expect at their performance for the upcoming Ongaku Overdrive event.

You can find more about GG CAT at Ongaku Overdrive: The Whims of Fate will be on Sunday, July 11th at Soundbar in downtown Orlando. Tickets are available at You can also support Nerd Music Meltdown at

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