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Nerd Music Meltdown

Dec 27, 2022

We have finally made it to the big hondo! Thank you all for supporting the show. Now we celebrate with a fun interview with the founders of one of the most legendary video game bands, The Megas! Eric von Doymi and Josh Breeding are on to talk about the creative process of the band, how The Belmonts project came to be,...

Nov 3, 2022

It's been way too long since our last episode of Nerd Music Meltdown? What the hell happened? Kent gives an update on the podcast, and talks about OngakuVania, joining the MAGFest staff, and Give Kids the World.

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Music: "Wood Man (Metal Cover)" by Lame...

Jul 15, 2022

We have VGM Powerhouse and Tiny Waves daddy Ben Briggs back on Nerd Music Meltdown, with all kinds of tea!

He has a new album dropping next week: VGM Essentials from Firaga Records. We talk about that, producing the album live on his Twitch, what's going on with Tiny Waves, K-Pop, Sonic Frontiers, RoboRob,...

Jun 30, 2022

The one-man Nerdcore Punk Rock Band is running wild! Rhythm Bastard is back on The Meltdown to reminisce about the last ten years of making music and how that ties into his newest album, Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock.

We also talk about what happened to his music in RetroMania Wrestling, how performing at furry...

Jun 17, 2022

From a desert in Parts Unknown, The Icarus Kid pops in on the Nerd Music Meltdown to talk about his love for both EDM and video game music, restarting his music career multiple times, his take on making electronic live performances exciting to watch, performing at VGMCon, and mental health coaching.

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