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Nerd Music Meltdown

Feb 27, 2022

Look who's back on Nerd Music Meltdown It's Marc with a C, who we have not talked to in a long time. We're talking about his plans to redefine who Marc is as a musician, what "Phase II"  means to him, surviving cancer and how that affects is music career. Last but not least, we discuss everything that went into his brand new album Thantophobia and why it is so different from everything before.

Marc with a C has a virtual show on his Patreon in March. Be sure to check that out. You can also get all of Marc's music at

ONGAKU 20XX: Wily's Revenge takes place on Saturday, March 5th at The Abbey in Orlando, Florida. Tickets are available at You can also support Nerd Music Meltdown at

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