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Nerd Music Meltdown

May 5, 2020

Can you believe we made it to FIFTY episodes of our Nerd Music Meltdown podcast? We did it and we celebrate and have a special guest: the founder of Mariachi Entertainment System, David Ortiz. 

MES is the brainchild of David and a collective of longtime Texas-based mariachi players with a mission to take mariachi to the masses by combining it with beloved video game music to create some incredible arrangements. We talk about that, playing at MAGFest with David Wise, Mega Man, Final Fantasy VII, and David's thoughts on Cinco de Mayo. 

Before that, Kent kicks off by reminiscing about this podcast and what it's accomplished, and gives thoughts on current events with COVID-19 and how it's going to change events once it's okay to go to them, including what's going on with Ongaku Overdrive. 

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