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Nerd Music Meltdown

Oct 8, 2019

Knight of the Round is a powerful Final Fantasy metal band from the Chicagoland area and they have had quite a year, playing at MAGFest, PAX South, PAX West, and up next the Final Fantasy themed show Warriors of Light in Orlando, Florida.

Kent talks with Knight of the Round founder, arranger, and guitarist Justin Taylor about how the band came together, why they dedicated themselves to Final Fantasy, favorite FF games, the best FF7 girl, and what to expect on the next KOTR album. Find out more about Knight of the Round at

Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Tribute takes place on November 9th at The Abbey in Orlando, FL and will feature Knight of the Round, Mega Ran, Descendants of Erdrick, The Returners, No Borders Art Competition, and more. Tickets are available at

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