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Nerd Music Meltdown

Jul 19, 2018

Here's an episode of the Nerd Music Meltdown, recorded twelve hours after Ongaku Overdrive's NEXGEN, featuring LEX the Lexicon Artist! (@lextheconartist)

LEX grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and emigrated to America in 2012. While getting her degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley, she decided to pursue a career in music. While a newcomer to nerdcore hip hop, LEX got the entire scene’s attention in 2017 with her first EP, LEX is More and recently just released Raging Ego to rave reviews.

Kent and LEX briefly talk about her origins, representing women in her raps, her upcoming tour with mc chris and Dual Core, and her latest album Raging Ego. LEX has risen quickly to the top of nerdcore in a such a short time. What are her secrets to success? We talk all about that too.

Also, LEX teams up with Schaffer the Darklord in this dope music video for Why We Do, which will be on Vince Vandal's FNFII: Advance Friends and Fandoms, which is available for pre-order!

Check out LEX the Lexicon Artist at

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